the saga continues..2018

It has really been awhile in here..or i should say has dramatically changing surround me & i have to be prepared eventhough im not actually..

i havent write since a year ago & i missed lots of things to be recorded in writing.. this blog supposedly is the best platform for me to express & opine my thoughts for it is not too exposed , socially shared but still relevant & significant especially for people like me..

I am now in the new place..a wholw lots of difference world from whare i came from when i started this career..i must admit that my work place before is one of the best & prestigious that i have ever worked with..but i wont let my frustation and disappointment hold me back and bring me a little bit down in emotion..

life must go on.. theres nothing more that we can do rather than keep this going..& as i always believe thers still a least ourself can be one..

here in this new place where i hope i wont be , looked or feel diffrence anymore is a new may be hard & struggle at first but yeah just go with the flow..


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