The Second Reflection Paper of The Friday Morning Prayer: What It Takes To Be a Good Diplomat Part 2

We have come to the second month of the course of Diploma in Diplomacy 2016. For the second session of the Friday Morning Prayer which took place on 1 April 2016, we had our opportunity to listen from Tuan Syed Bakri Syed Abd Rahman , Deputy Director of the Centre for Political Studies and Economic Diplomacy. With various experiences in almost every departments & division, Tuan Syed Bakri really shared his own unique experiences while been serving the ministry since 1994.
Tuan Syed did mentioned that he has gained most of the experiences & learnt many lessons from many bosses which he thinks each & everyone has their own unique approaches that we can utilize them for our upbringing to the mission. When Tuan Syed Bakri required us to introduce ourselves for a short ice breaking session, again I felt a bit of nervousness as usual. The turn had come to mine & I introduced myself like any others but I never forget to tell that I was previously been working in the home sectors. Upon knowing that I actually being transferred from home sector, Tuan Syed Bakri later then asked me of how did I got to be transferred to Wisma Putra. He said that the rest of my friends including me who are so fortunate to be able to serve under the ministry is lucky as there are others who wished to serve here but didn’t get the opportunity.
When talking about being diplomat, Tuan Syed Bakri also emphasized on the readiness to be serve at mission. How actually we are the one who makes the posting interesting .the importance thing is to accept and embrace the task and responsibility with open heart. Being always ready on any circumstances is also the key for us to work and serve at the best. One of the matter that I am agree the most is how Tuan Syed Bakri reminds us about the skills of writing the report or brief when we are required to. It has to be accurate & precise. But being able to master the English is also important and by using mediums like reading material, printed media, the news broadcast such as CNN and also any other social networks is also among many other ways to improve the reading and writing skills in polishing our language usage while producing the best quality briefing and reports. 
Among other things that has been shared are also how Tuan Syed Bakri mentioned the attitude of being the officer when at mission which are always do the simple thing at the best, having courtesy on the way we treat other colleagues regardless of their post and grade. Nevertheless the boss is always the main priority to serve and work with. What attract me the most is when Tuan Syed Bakri talked about the goodness of bringing down the ego and be more human when we are to be expected to serve for the country and dealing with many kinds of people’s behavior.
Personally I am so grateful for being able to be among these elite officers. Before the session ended, I looked at each faces of every people in the room & I thought maybe I meant to be here. With their concerns and kindness on accepting me, I believe it is no more mission impossible!

7 April 2016


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