A new saga begins...

...who knows that my life now is totally change..yes it is..i feel like my prayers have been answered when im now in the new phase of life. what i am going through in this moment is much different than what i did back in my hometown. I am really out of my comfort zone..out of the box as someone been saying that i lived in the box for i didnt go out exploring this life..But i bet that they were all wrong..all this while i kept silence ..i didnt say anything.. i didnt protest because i know the impact if i do so..its no use fighting back their words when at the end you'll be the one who'll lose and wrong & what worst you the one who will be blame... So, i just wait for the moment when my inner light shines itself than to force all the spotlight to shine on me from surrounding me. hey people we all are shining from ourselves ...no need spotlight ok..haha..
It was sad at first to step out from the place where you've been spending your life with..but as i said get out form your comfort zone for you never know what potential you can make out there..when you think that people at your own place take you for granted always remember that there are a lot others out there that you dont even know or expect that are waiting for you and dying to need your ability, experts and truthfully want you...its happening to me..
the day where it all began was the day where i felt like i was dreaming. Stepped in the hall of glory, met all the big names in the country and even passed by the historical place of where we had been achieving many successful event were like dreams came true..but i knew that there were many more unexpected things behind all that..challenges is a must..but...i am READY with my soul and belief! may all the loves and prayers from my beloved parent, siblings, relatives and friends make me wiser, stronger and become someone that really change the world! InsyaAllah...Alhamdulillah for the bless!


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