..no one can ever take a place of someone else's life~

Do you listen to others? i mean listen carefully and spend a few minutes to listen to their story? at least couple of minutes...what would you get in that couple of minutes? what is it for? to just listen? to spread out their story? or to laugh at it? do whatever you want but be prepared with the consequences..why would you wanna do that? to listen and to spend your time with that people?..Heyy wake up people..its a signs that they trust you and have faith in you.. & for this people that have no other option but to have to do that, i mean when you have to rely on others by at least talking to them & you think if that will make the pain go away please bear in mind that you have to have the amount of trust to those people that you are telling your story to them.Will you ever put your life and dignity in someone else's hand?  Now why is that only this kind of emotion are usually being shared with others? why not sharing the joyfulness, goodness and successful?? Well i don't say that most of us doing that..somehow there are people whose able to share good things but hiding the opposite..BUT still there are people whose doing the vice versa....
A question arising in my mind of why would we want to do that? is it beneficial to us? or is it fun to know their story and sharing their emotions?or perhaps these people could be thinking that you could take their place in that condition & then what will going to be? you make the pain and sorrow gone just like that? hurrmmm...this is what i have been thinking of ..TO TAKE SOMEONE ELSE'S  PLACE & TO FEEL THEIR SORROW AND HARDNESSHIP?...that's it  & some people claim that they can do that..most people whom i know would say that..yeahh..when we feel sorry and sympathy upon someone else's life after hearing and listening to their story we think that we could  do something..or at least can help to ease the pain even if it's just a little things..but hey that little thing might be working as well..
I've been in that situation many times before..being in the position of listener..always & now i get used to it. In fact until today that im writing this blog..it could be because im a good listener. That's what they've been telling me all this while..it depends on who's been talking to me..who knows me better and the most important is WHO REALLY TRUST ME!..but whatever the experiences,emotions or life that they had been through and when they tell us all about it,we can never be in their shoes..we can never take their place or feel exactly the same like what they have been through..NEVER!!! we may share the same experience, share the same vision, share the same dreams or even have the same life's purpose but we are definitely not the two same person sharing those things together..there can never be two same person in this world that are sharing exactly the same story UNLESS two person that intertwine in life because of marriage (of course there must be a man and a woman...) then these kind of person are sharing a life according to the marriage vow..
A very close friend could share our happiness and sadness or anything that friends are usually share. But in the end they must carry on with their own life no matter how strong is the bound  & promise that has been made. So it takes a lot of courages and even the whole world to be able to replace and taking a place of someone else's life, to be able to feel how they breathe from their own chest , to see from their eyes, to think like what they have in mind and the hardest part is always to feel like what their heart is feeling...because heart is the most special yet a delicate & soft organ BUT the strongest part in us that keeps us going on with this life..They say when your mind says you can not but your heart will always say that you can...so believe in it..listen to your heart and always remember that the heart is always belong to Allah S.W.T as HE is the one who creates it and HE grands us with one of the most miracle creation that ever been created among all other things, Alhamdulillah..so whenever you think that no one can ever feel what you are feeling , no one can understand you like you understand yourself or no one can take your place to wipe away your tears..always remember that HE is the one who is truly understand you..always will be. HE owns us all and HE knows the reason behind all that we feel...have faith in Allah S.W.T~ InsyaAllah...& as the saying goes; there's always a silver line in every dark cloud!


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