...so long my friend~W.M.S :')

...6 months have already pass since ive started working in the college..& i never thought that i would've met someone whom i thought was already lost contact with me as i lost his number before.We've known each other when i was participating the PAC (i mentioned about him in my previous post).He was one of the candidate in the PAC-PTD. Ok,that was good time, because when he approached me i was like i needed someone whom at least know about what to do..& yes, he was the one! he had been in that test before as that was the 2nd time he participated it with me.he helped me a lot then! ok enough with that PTD stuff!
...so moving on, i started the new job in that college..that was the time when i met him again! he did gave me his phone number when we met for the first time but something went wrong with my BB n i formatted it & lost all numbers including his number ( i didnt save his number in sim card!).Then one fine Friday, i was in the mosque for Friday prayer when suddenly he approached me. i surprised but happy because of he found me at last, i did thinking about him but could not do anything. So we exchanged the contact number again and planned to go lunch together as both of us are working in the same building and the friendship is blooming again..almost everyday we would met up and enjoy our lunch while in the same time share almost every story..family, job, friend, problem...just name it...he's very smart but timid a bit..
...as for me, lunch was no longer alone or not only spending that hour in the pantry listening to gossips and complaints..i did go out with my colleague but not everyone of them..only certain people who sometimes needed to go with someone else..so i seldom go out for lunch since then..lunch time through my view is kind a special time when we are working in an office hour. It is the time when we need to release a tension after being in the office the whole daytime, the time when we are in our true colors. so having my lunch with this friend of mine is very good indeed as he's one of the smartest friend i ever have. i can always ask for an opinion, suggestion, learning new things and knowledge or even share some life experiences..throughout the time we spent together, I've discover many things about how different our world is..the lunch meal itself sometimes shows how ones view about life could be showing the way of he's living the life..in him i can say that he's one perfect person I have ever known..the story of his childhood, college life , friends and family had given me a beautiful view of how someone as perfect as him is very humble to even being my friend though i never know what is his view on this..but i feel

thankful as Allah gives me chances to meet this kind of people..
on the other side, my story of life and in almost every aspects are never be the same (definitely) like what he has..there's a time when i had to hold my tongue as i'm afraid on his perception on me. What if he knows the hard truth about my past? would he ever has the good view on me?? so, i didnt talk so much on that side. I just dont like it when people be my friend because of they feel sorry for me..i dont need their sympathy..or maybe after knowing the truth they simply avoiding me..this is what ive been through a lot before..so, i always tell myself that if someone have a perfect life i better do not interfere in their life by be one of their friend..even be someone's friend is a commitment, where you need to be there for them in anytime they need you..as they always say, 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'~
...then, one day he told me that he's about to move on working at other place which is far from where we are now..looking for better future and gaining more experience in his profession and i was like..ok, we met, we had lost each other and then he found me and now he's leaving for good........now who will accompany me for lunch? the fact that things will never be the same again.lunch time will never be the same again after this..am i exaggerating? come on, its only a lunch. a one ordinary hour of break in the day time...hoho..its not like that for me...it means a lot. i really feel that im losing a comrade in my battle to achieve success..we both know what we are chasing..its like we are sharing the similar dreams..but seeing our friend pursuing their dreams in a hope makes me understand the situation.
Last friday we talked about a topic that is very weird in my view.It was love. I guess it was a very rare topic and we seldom talk about it as far as i remember..it was funny remembering and recalling back those puppy love story in each of our memories..so we had time to learn through our mistakes and got to share some tips to do better next time hahaha...and i guess that will be the last time we do that...he will work in KL and move there for long time i guess..its like he's already planned that..so i guess 2 to 3 years are the minimum time for him to work there..and he could be settling down there haha...honestly i envy his life, his freedom and his wisdom..i wish i could do the same soaring higher anywhere to achieve my dream..i keep praying that i will successfully have my big time..well, its very hard to find such a good people and friend like him, and usually this kind of person are the one who leave me so soon..hey, ive experience this many times....im still get used with this situation ...to my friend, go fly higher and reach the dream..i may not be on your side but my spirit and my prayer will always be with you..may Allah bless all my friends...


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