...to know is to love?

..i really had a good time yesterday as it was the last day of working before the Raya..so i was busy running here and there..and of course the kitchen is a must in my list to visit every day..in fact i even tell people around me that if there's only one reason that make me stay in my workplace now is the 'kitchen!' hehe...this kitchen is located nearby at my office..each time the staff need to go to the wash room they can see it as we will pass it by on the way to the wash room...plus most of my family and friend know that cooking is my passion..so having the 'kitchen' here is a bonus for me to work here...yes they do have the rules & regulation that not everyone are allowed in the kitchen but as a staff i dont think its a harm or inappropriate action for me to be in that kitchen just to share and help those students and other colleagues. being in that kitchen has given me much opportunity to know other people whether the students or the staff..so i can say that most of the students who are close to me now are from the culinary art course...the more often i come to the kitchen the more people i know and the more knowledge and skills i gained in cooking~


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