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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Second Reflection Paper of The Friday Morning Prayer: What It Takes To Be a Good Diplomat Part 2

We have come to the second month of the course of Diploma in Diplomacy 2016. For the second session of the Friday Morning Prayer which took place on 1 April 2016, we had our opportunity to listen from Tuan Syed Bakri Syed Abd Rahman , Deputy Director of the Centre for Political Studies and Economic Diplomacy. With various experiences in almost every departments & division, Tuan Syed Bakri really shared his own unique experiences while been serving the ministry since 1994.
Tuan Syed did mentioned that he has gained most of the experiences & learnt many lessons from many bosses which he thinks each & everyone has their own unique approaches that we can utilize them for our upbringing to the mission. When Tuan Syed Bakri required us to introduce ourselves for a short ice breaking session, again I felt a bit of nervousness as usual. The turn had come to mine & I introduced myself like any others but I never forget to tell that I was previously been working in the home sectors. Upon knowing that I actually being transferred from home sector, Tuan Syed Bakri later then asked me of how did I got to be transferred to Wisma Putra. He said that the rest of my friends including me who are so fortunate to be able to serve under the ministry is lucky as there are others who wished to serve here but didn’t get the opportunity.
When talking about being diplomat, Tuan Syed Bakri also emphasized on the readiness to be serve at mission. How actually we are the one who makes the posting interesting .the importance thing is to accept and embrace the task and responsibility with open heart. Being always ready on any circumstances is also the key for us to work and serve at the best. One of the matter that I am agree the most is how Tuan Syed Bakri reminds us about the skills of writing the report or brief when we are required to. It has to be accurate & precise. But being able to master the English is also important and by using mediums like reading material, printed media, the news broadcast such as CNN and also any other social networks is also among many other ways to improve the reading and writing skills in polishing our language usage while producing the best quality briefing and reports. 
Among other things that has been shared are also how Tuan Syed Bakri mentioned the attitude of being the officer when at mission which are always do the simple thing at the best, having courtesy on the way we treat other colleagues regardless of their post and grade. Nevertheless the boss is always the main priority to serve and work with. What attract me the most is when Tuan Syed Bakri talked about the goodness of bringing down the ego and be more human when we are to be expected to serve for the country and dealing with many kinds of people’s behavior.
Personally I am so grateful for being able to be among these elite officers. Before the session ended, I looked at each faces of every people in the room & I thought maybe I meant to be here. With their concerns and kindness on accepting me, I believe it is no more mission impossible!

7 April 2016

The first Reflection Paper of Friday Morning Prayer : What It Takes To Be a Good Diplomat.

The first Friday Morning Prayer (FMP) for this year session of Diploma in Diplomacy was held on 11 March 2016. It was held in the meeting room next to the Director General’s room, YBhg. Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad. The session will be one of the weekly program throughout the period of the 6 months while the participants are completing the training course.
Being called for the first FMP session was actually got me nervous. This is because that was my very first time meeting YBhg Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad a little closer. I realized that we would have our chances or I would rather say was my courage to even talk to YBhg. Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad personally. I took my seat a little further and sat calmly while waited for the arrival of the director general. After few minutes waited , YBhg Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad arrived and greeted everyone in the room. The emcee took position & all of the participants introduced themselves. One by one until my turn & I acted steadily introducing myself. Not only introducing ourselves we were also being asked on our expectation on what we are hoping to be after completing the 6 months training. My answer was always to equip myself with all the skills and knowledge especially in being accurate and precise in analysing the situation relevant and later how to produce the best report that fits all the requirement when it is needed.
After we introduced ourselves , YBhg Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad welcomed us & initiated the opening remarks. Dato’ had mentioned on how lucky we are of being selected for the course.  However according to Dato’ the 6 months is actually never enough in learning the whole skills & knowledge in preparing ourselves  to be the best diplomats. He stressed that the actual and the best learning process is always being in the real situation and it goes continuously. People will always look up for us to fit in the expectation of the best diplomat simply because it’s what we are meant to be when we are joining the service.
The first tips that Dato’ shared was how to present ourselves. This may be a little thing but actually plays a big role. In this aspect, Dato’ meant that the importance of being presentable is always a big advantage. A diplomat must know how to carry themselves as well as being flexible and adaptable when we are socialising in such event related to the embassy or even ministry. Being smart by not only in dressing properly and neat as well as being presentable but also preparing ourselves with knowledge especially information about Malaysia and current issues. This is becoming more crucial nowadays. Reacting accordingly to variety behavior of many people is also a good skill. The level of people’s reaction is variety, so as a diplomat, being aware on every people interest is an advantage in presenting ourselves at the very best.
The next tips by Dato’ was the essential of writing a good report. Indeed this is what I need the most. He stressed that by writing the notes immediately will make the good report as we still have the information updated and recent. This also will gives us the ample time upon checking all the information and structure as well as to verify it with the superior before the submission. Upon sharing about the posting, Dato’ shared that every officer must always be ready to be posted abroad. Upon receiving the posting order, officers are expected to be open minded & to embrace the task for the sake of to serve the nation. The best way to accept the call of the posting order with open heart is to enjoy the place that you get for posting and try to make friend with the local as many as we can.
Dato’ also has shared on how important it is to always answer or making a statement cautiously. He emphasized on the needs to answer all query or questions from any other party with relevant and visible information and to check with the superior before releasing any statement regards. This is to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding which may cause a serious implication on the diplomatic relation. However, being one step ahead from your boss is a bonus as we will always need to provide all information which can complete the bosses’ assignments or requirement in time.
While serving in mission, Dato’ also said that it is important to work as a team which I think this is true. I am somehow agreed because when we are working abroad, the staff of the mission will be closer and everyone will need each other in surviving the odd of being in the strange place. This reminds me then of how important is the family. No matter what we are doing, where we are going and what is our life’s purpose eventually family is everything. For me this is the ultimate reason of why we can serve the nation in the best way. Both types of family which are the blood related family as well as the work related family is playing a big role in making ourselves performing our best.

In conclusion, YBhg Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad has enlightened everyone and inspired me personally in his sharing on the preparation of being a good diplomat. As I realized that I am the still new in this profession, I somehow promising myself that I will take the extra effort with the helps and guidance of an important person who had been through almost everything in this noble profession like YBhg. Dato’ Salman bin Ahmad bin Ahmad. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Silent night & few years back...

Few days ago i went out with one of my bestfriend..ok, i dont have many friends like others so i assume he is one of my we walked and sighseeing he asked me whether i was interested in writing my own story. I replied that i already do by having my blog..Then he asked if thats counted as one..i said yes s just the matter of how many entries i already have since i started.

Then i check my blog and found out that i shouldve write & post more entries to make it as a book of my life..worked for a duty officer in this Ops Duty Room with less work to do like previously is really an opportunity for me to review back all my entries..i was waiting for my dinner (the driver helped to buy it for me) when i went outside & realize how silent is the night.. then emails came in to my mailbox. One simple email has really gotten me into an emotionally feeling.

How easy it is for someone to tell us to be strong but how meaningful it is for someone like me.. then i realize that i always tell the same to others..surprisingly they come to me & ask for my motivational words or even a suggestion on how to move on..

i can feel them at most of the time.. with empathy i tell them to move kind & believe that everything is going to be fine..we are all will be happy..until tonight that i checked my Insta, FB & Blog.. 

I i actually inspired others but in the same time i suffered from the truth that i have been hiding..just because i want others to be strong when they see me strong ....

how i wish...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

i miss everything...

it has been a year since my last entry in my blog...

Everything is new now..i even transfer to the new place of working, new scope and new colleagues and friends.. what happen to the last one that i have before? they are still my favorite and forever be my among the best person i have ever met..& the best lesson that i have ever gained...

I miss everything....
i miss every little thing that always be my motivation to keep moving's just i dont wanna say them out loud...yeah as usual i keep think secretly for my own..i cant deny that i feel the suffer of doing it..but what can i do more about it..

what i have planned didnt go like what i wanted it to be...
i have tried my very best to make everything happens as its best.. but my flaws caused everything failed..

i miss everyone...
no matter how my mouth say that i hate them but honestly i miss & love them so much..
it s just i dont show it... because when i do things would go wrongly & people will go and leave miserably...

i miss you.....till we meet again....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Between everything lies hope...

It has been so long..& noticing that i never write anything in my blog especially this year i decide to write something. I guess this is something which is really important..

As many things happened last year made me did not realize or ignored my blog..believe me it was a very tough year for me..i fought with my feeling, had a conflicts with myself & in the same time struggled while trying to get back on the right track..i felt like i was in a massive storm..But Alhamdulillah..i got them slowly settled & even though not everything was in perfect but somehow things are getting better..

Now this year of 2014 is a promising year..i hope so. It has been awaiting year because of a special occasion that we have been waiting for..i am now in the next phase of my career. When i said my life is revolving around my career it means specifically in this PTD scheme..goshhh its now too late to regret..i do hope most of the time to go back to where was i before..Some says it is a bless while i say this is an ultimate test! Yup, i am now undergoing the course of Diploma Pentadbiran Awam! it will only end till September...phewww.. what a long way more to go...& by that i have to make more changing..

Ask yourself you really want to change? yes, change! because i did that like a few years ago..and here i am today in mess!  Sometimes we miss it, about changing..i know it is actually good, it is even important for us to change..but sometimes the smallest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can't because things have changed so much!

I had been in devastated & hopeless time as far as i, i just cannot trying to remember those past..but being here in this place & in this moment is actually really different from what i had been through, what had i planned to make things better & what i supposed to be..

Here in this new place with new environment & whats more important with more new friends make me realize something. Friends are really hard to find & even hard to earn..I wish they understand me more, but i dont hope too much that they will satisfy my heart as i think that is too selfish..3 months had gone..& what do i get within that 3 months? it was even tougher! like seriously...i was very shocked to find out that even these so called 'Officer" are behaving like this..honestly when it comes to relationship or friendship so far i find it mostly heartbreaking! I even set my mind that be cautious & ready to accept the consequences of being beaten awfully mentally &emotionally when having any relationship with anyone in here..

So, my only choice? Is to be professional & do things seriously, & selfishly aim to finish my work & target! i did that at early weeks but it turned out to be worse, they didn't prefer it .i could see from their look which were full of hatred & doubts? and so i changed again took things easily & fun..& again those so called professional, skillful & Mr. Know everything looked at me like i am a scumbag! goshhh..

Okay, i started to feel stress & had my depressed time. This was the time when we actually found the true meaning of friend..along came a few friends..they were a bless for me..its weird when i realize not many people here noticing them, but somehow i looked at them clearly & it feels like there's some kind of  force that pushes me to gets clearer when you don't have to speak to communicate but just by looking at each other you would laugh & thought of those silly things..

when i need my time & space alone & they come cross your mind, you would think that life actually beautiful..realizing the facts that i am now in a battlefield i try hard to preserve this bless in the forms of friendship!

what makes me confidence is the way they accept me! i did a simple test like telling the truth about who was i & waited for their reaction & response & i took quite a long time to see if they came back to me..well it seems they past the test! i know it seems like it is all about me but i have to do that to gain trust! i thought about me & though that who can resist you? & why do they have to do that?you justify everything..before this you used to ease every pain, helped to bear with the hopeless & carelessly letting yourself been hurt in order to take care everyone's heart! but the best thing is that it is YOU!

This is how they accept me! InnSha Allah i have my comrade to win over this war! i even made history & successfully created many sweet victories through few events! at least i know who to run to & whose shoulder would i need when i need to cry on!                                                                                              
it is actually hope that makes us brave to do things..behind & between almost everything there's always
hope...i remember someone said this beautiful speech;

It's easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today, but there will be dark days ahead of us too. 

There will be days where you feel all alone and that's when hope is needed most. 
No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you most promise me that you will hold on to hope. 
Keep it alive! We have to be greater than what we suffer.. 
My wish for you is to become hope.. People need that.. 
And even if we fail... what better way is there to live? 

As we look around here today at all the people who helped make us who we are, 
I know it feels like we're saying goodbye but we will carry a piece of each other into everything we do next... 
To remind us of who we are.. and if we were meant to be. 

The lesson: If you cant find that hope then be it, InnSha Allah..

Friday, August 2, 2013

Telah sejauh ini...


sempena hari baik bulan baik dan bakal menjelang hari gemilang umat Islam ni saya terasa dan tergerak hati untuk membuat post & entry baru di dalam bahasa Melayu walaupun saya bukan bangsa Melayu..sekali sekala kan?

hari ni macam biasa saya bergerak ke tempat kerja dengan aura awan hitam menyelubungi kawasan yang dituju..well, istilah untuk menggambarkan kegerunan office ni..haha.. sebenarnya tak adalah seteruk itu just kidding..but sometimes it does feel like that..... ok MOST OF THE TIME!

apa yang mahu saya kongsikan adalah sedar tak sedar sudah sejauh ini langkah saya di dalam kerjaya PTD ni, ingat tak entry saya terdahulu yang cakap pasal proses pengambilan PTD & PAC untuk kelayakan PTD? yes now that i am in the service..after been thorough all the challenges saya bermacam2 perasaan yang saya jalani dan tempuhi..

Adakala saya menjadi pelik..kenapa skim ni jadi rebutan, dream job..asal sebut PTD mesti orang impressed.. well saya yang dalam perkhidmatan ini sesungguhnya tau apa disebalik gah nama PTD itu..tak semudah dna tak seindah yang disangka KALAU anda tidak kuat! mental, fizikal  dan rohani memang susahlah jadi PTD.. bukan setakat IQ, skill dan keistimewaan kita yang di ingini tetapi persistence & ketabahan serta kekuatan kita menahan segala cabaran..PTD ni terlalu mencabar jugaklah..itu yang orang ramai tak tahu..kesanggupan kita untuk berdepan dan menyelesaikan isu-isu dengan cepat dan tepat..isu-isu ni pulak berkait rapat dengan kebajikan rakyat dalam masa yang sama menjaga kepentingan Kementerian..aduhhh kadang2 saya rasa mau berhenti saja...

Tapi KAWAn kadang2 membuatkan saya ingin dan mahu terus tetap...hah..cakap pasal kawan ni kan.....nanti sambunglah hahhaha..kawan oh kawan!

Friday, July 12, 2013

if only...

It's almost half a year since my last entry on January earlier.. well since that life really has change on me. I have now move to a new place where i rent the apartment alone. I think i am more comfortable this way., i admit i may not be able to mingle around like the rest can do. the reason might be i just cant understand people truthfully..honestly i like making friends..they instead make my life easier when i need helps..but i notice that i can do & willing to do things on my own..for the reason i dont like to trouble anyone. It could also because of my pass....i let many people upset, i broke too many hearts & i always disappear , come & go anywhere & anytime whenever i wanted to do so..some strong hearted people in my life even came back & tried harder to look for me.. i respect this few type of friends very much.. this shows that they are really faithful & like me for who i am..well, its been a year that ive been here in this place..still i dont make lots of friends..i mean the kind that i always chill out with & the kind that i always refer to for my bad or good time..i keep my feeling on my own..silently & secretly..i remember my superior a.k.a my boss once told me that she can never understand me and suspecting that i have my weird own world.. of course she said that sarcastically..well for me im okay with fact i admit that..its not wrong to think that way.. as long as ive proven that i am in fact come to this level of life .. who would think that im here in this position right now??God's plan always secrecy and mystery... its ok..for now im holding to this situation; enjoy the good times & wait for the bad one to pass...eventually! to those who never give up & have faith in so thankful & unhesitatingly i love you form the bottom of my sincere heart~ its just i wish you could come earlier & save me 10 years ago..........